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Lucien den Arend sculptor/landscape designer
Keith Barrett sculptor
Alexander Baturin painter
Henk van den Berg painter/sculptor
Gabriele Berger sculptor
Françoise van den Bosch sculptor
Kees Buckens sculptor
Wien Cobbenhagen sculptor
Henck van Dijck sculptor
Wim Drion painter
Jeroen Fransen painter
Ron Gennisse painter/graphic artist
Henk van Gerner sculptor/painter/graphic artist
Rinus Groenendaal painter
Jorma Hautala painter/graphic artist
Lutz Hellmuth sculptor
Kari Huhtamo sculptor
Margreet Huisman plastic artist
Venelin Ivanov sculptor
Marja de Jong painter
Roland de Jong Orlando sculptor
Ton Kalle sculptor
Bart Kelholt sculptor
Bert De Keyser plastic artist / sculptor
Aart Lamberts sculptor
Niels Lous sculptor
Wicher Meursing sculptor
Oleg Nikoliuk painter
Cor Noltee painter
Marco de Nood photographer
Herbert Nouwens sculptor
Matti Peltokangas sculptor
Hans Petri sculptor
Kiril Prashkov painter/sculptor
Vera Röhm sculptor/ photographer
Geert Schiks sculptor
Anneke Schollaardt sculptor
Mari Shields sculptor
Lies van der Sluis sculptor
Wim Smits designer
Rezsö Somfai sculptor/painter/graphic artist
Borislav Stoev painter/graphic artist
Jan Jelle Stroosma plastic artist/painter/draughtsman/innovator
Georghiu Tchapkenov sculptor
Antero Toikka sculptor
Yutaka Toyota plastic artist/sculptor
Rita van der Vegt sculptor/plastic artist
Frits Vanèn sculptor/painter/graphic artist
Vasil Vasilev painter
Arie Wols painter/graphic artist
Gennady Zubkov painter


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